Welcome to Adelaide Shambhala Meditation Group

The Adelaide Shambhala Meditation Group is a vibrant, welcoming and supportive community dedicated to recognising and revealing the innate goodness within us all.

Shambhala presents the wisdom traditions of Buddhism and Tibet through accessible, modern and dynamic teachings. The teachings and practices uncover the compassion, clarity, joy and goodness within ourselves and each other, and connect us to the natural world.

We offer free meditation instruction for beginners and support for experienced practitioners with a range of meditation sessions, courses and retreats. You are warmly invited to join us!


Program Offerings
Diary dates for 2019 – 2020

Shambhala Training is a series of contemplative workshops, suited for both beginning and experienced meditators. The simple and profound technique of mindfulness and awareness is the basis of a secular path of meditation, which can benefit people of any spiritual tradition and way of life. Shambhala Training is the study and practice of Shambhala warriorship—the tradition of human bravery and leadership. This path shows how to take the challenges of daily life in our modern society as opportunities for both contemplative practice and social action.

This sequential program is part of an integrated curriculum called the Way of Shambhala, that offers an experiential overview of meditation practices, wisdom teachings, and contemplative arts rooted in the ancient traditions of Shambhala and Tibetan vajrayana Buddhism. This program of workshops and courses is taught by experienced Shambhala teachers. The unfolding stages of the Way of Shambhala curriculum represent the natural progression of awakening in our lives. The Shambhala Heart of Warriorship (Levels I-V) can be practiced as an independent series of workshops.

The Shambhala Heart of Warriorship is organized into five weekend workshops that include meditation training and practice, talks by senior instructors, personal interviews and group discussions. Levels I-V provide a strong foundation in mindfulness-awareness meditation practice, emphasizing the development of genuineness, confidence, humour, and dignity within the complexity of daily life. The workshops are recommended for new and experienced meditators, as well as for those looking to enrich their existing spiritual path.

Level II: Birth of the Warrior (April 2020)

Having experienced a taste of basic goodness, we want to go forward. Meditation practice allows us to observe how we create a cocoon of habits to mask our fear. We begin to appreciate that there is no fundamental obstacle to experiencing basic goodness.

Level III: Warrior in the World (August 2020)

Developing fearlessness by examining our habitual tendencies, we are willing to experience our life without relying on the cocoon. We begin to engage the world directly and extend the attitude of fearlessness to our activities.

Level IV: Awakened Heart (November 2020)

With trust in basic goodness and daring to experience the sharp edge of reality, we move forward with gentleness, increased awareness, and inquisitiveness about the world, as it is. We can extend ourselves to others fully and with kindness.

Level V: Open Sky (TBC)

Communicating with the world gently and fearlessly, our awareness is sharpened and we find the open clear sky of mind—a delightful source of wisdom and uplifted energy. We trust our nature enough to let go into the present moment.


Open House

Offered twice per month 
(first and third Monday of the month)
(7:00 to 9:00 pm) 

Open House is also available via Zoom (similar to Skype). If you would like to join us online you can log-in using Zoom software. Click on the link below at around 6.45, install the software and join us online at 7.00 pm.
Zoom Link for Open House: https://zoom.us/j/671305477

—-Open House will recommence on Monday 3 February 2020—-


Saturday meditation

Offered on the last Saturday of the month
9:30 am to 4:00 pm (including a shared lunch).
You are welcome to attend for the whole day or arrive and leave at any time. 

Saturday meditation is also available via Zoom (similar to Skype). If you would like to join us online you can log-in using Zoom software. Click on the link below at around 9:15 am, install the software and join us online at 9:30 am.
Zoom Link for Saturday meditation:  https://zoom.us/j/849156836

—–Saturday meditation will recommence on 29 February 2020—–


Both offerings are open to the general public. They provide a wonderful opportunity for experienced and new meditator’s to share the meditation space with others, engage with the Buddhist wisdom teachings of the Shambhala lineage and enjoy each other’s good company. Individual meditation instruction is available.


Information on allegations against the Sakyong 

In response to serious allegations of sexual misconduct and clerical abuse by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche (Shambhala’s Halifax-based leader), Shambhala International has taken a number of steps.  An new Board of Directors has been appointed by the Transition Task Force to oversee fiduciary and legal responsibilities and a Process Team is now organised to look at a new approach to community leadership in Shambhala. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche has stepped aside from teaching and administrative duties. More detailed information including frequently asked questions and regular updates are available from websites hosted by the Interim Board (https://board.shambhala.org/) and the Process Team (https://shambhala-process-team.org/)

The Shambhala Center in San Francisco also maintains a list of information resources on this issue, where you can find further details: https://sf.shambhala.org/2018/07/04/resources-for-helping-our-sangha-to-understand-current-events-in-shambhala/


 “In meditation we are constantly discovering who and what we are.”  Chögyam Trungpa