Adelaide Governing Council

The Adelaide Shambhala Meditation Group Council is the main governing body of the sangha. Its purpose is to guide, organise and support the activites of the sangha according to Shambhala’s vision of creating enlightened society.

Shambhala is organised as a ‘society’ with four pillars:

  1. Government (how we participate in our communities)
  2. Practice and Education (how we meditate and come to know ourselves)
  3. Kasung (protection; how we deal with challenging situations; caring for our own and others’ vulnerability)
  4. Economy (finances; how we handle our money; how we invest our energy in the world)

The four pillars are reflected within the structure and work of the Council. Some important societal functions, such as Societal Health and Well-Being, Culture and Decorum, and the Arts are incorporated into the four pillars framework.

Shambhala governance is based on realising the inseparability of the secular and the sacred. This means that Shambhala governance simultaneously embodies the essence of the Shambhala Buddhist teachings, supports the unfolding of those teachings, and is itself a teaching, a practice and a path.

Governing council members

  • David Edwards, Adelaide Shambhala Meditation Group Coordinator
  • Loretta Geuenich, (Shastri), Practice and Education, (Acting) Finance Officer
  • Rebecca Miller, Communications
  • Bill Gaston, Database
  • Margaret Hypatia, Membership and Marketing
  • Rebecca Chapman, Culture and Decorum

Our shastri, Loretta Geuenich, not only oversees Practice and Education, but is also responsible for training meditation instructors and building communities of trust. She has national responsibilities.

Council members are volunteers. We have no paid staff.

All members of Adelaide Shambhala are welcome to attend Council meetings to share your inspiration and ideas, air your questions and concerns, or simply observe how Council functions. Please contact the Coordinator before attending a Council meeting to confirm meeting details. You may also email questions, suggestions or other thoughts to [email protected] .