Community Gathering (Delek): Celebrate the beauty of beverage

Sunday 29 October 2017 (12:00 -16:00)
Bring a beer or non-alcoholic beverage to share. Something to BBQ, something to share. Bonython Park, Port Road.

In Tibetan, delek translates as "good happiness". The purpose of a delek is to provide opportunities for social interaction, to care for one another, to gather as a community and to share wisdom on our paths.

At midday on Sunday 29th October join us at Bonython Park, Port Rd, Adelaide (meet near the cafe). Look for the multi-coloured Shambhala Lhasang flags. Please label any allergens such as nuts, eggs, gluten and diary on the food you bring. 

If you have any questions about Delek events, please do not hesitate to contact either Katie or Brett Grosser phone: 0418 581 530 or 0418 786 923

Wet weather plans will be posted on the group's Instagram page (Adelaide_Shambhla_Delek)